Get Fit

Kirsten's Personal Training Sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. Sessions typically focus on resistance training (which includes body weight, free weights, bands and machines) although cardio can be included, too. Kirsten's world-class knowledge of biomechanics will ensure your workouts target the right muscles in the right way.

Kirsten works out of Inspira Athletica in Toronto and Anytime Fitness in Cobourg.  

Rates vary based on the length of sessions and the number of sessions in a package (minimum 10 sessions).

For more information, please contact Kirsten.


Personal Training Testimonial

"When I found myself unmotivated to get out and go for a run, Kirsten asked me what my goal was. It really got me thinking since I’d been running for years, but only to exercise. I decided to run a 10 kilometre race and finish it in under an hour. Check and check. What a great goal to work towards. It gave me the motivation and focus I needed. From now on, I’m always going to think about what I want my goal to be."

- Lindsay, 31