"Kirsten works wonders! She manages to balance fitness and wellness into our personal training sessions by pushing me physically and dealing with dysfunction at the same time, all with humour and grace. Regardless of how I feel when I arrive, I feel good when I leave! Also, she laughs at my jokes."

- Nancy, 58

"Kirsten is a terrific personal trainer for all the right reasons: she is well-educated in anatomy and fitness; she is creative and patient; and she is warm and clever. I have benefited enormously from working with her. I always feel better at the end of every session!"

- Richard, 60

"Working with Kirsten was a surprisingly rich learning experience. I thought I knew a lot about food and nutrition but found out so much more by working with her. She was able to meet my particular needs and challenges with sleep, and kept me focused on the actions I needed to take to fully address them. The results were indeed positive and moreover, I feel that I now have a deeper understanding of the body and can continue to work on improving my health on my own."

- Paul, 54

"As someone who starts to experience anxiety at the mention of the word “diet,” working with Kirsten has made me breathe a sigh of relief.  Through her coaching, she was able to help me develop an inclusive food approach: I try to make better choices more often, and don’t kick myself when my face falls into the occasional cheeseburger. She also had me focus what I can control when it comes to sleep and exercise (rather than what I can’t), which has encouraged me to change and improve my lifestyle much more quickly than I would have ever thought.  Thanks to her, I have eaten more vegetables than I ever have in my entire life, and I’m okay with that!"

- Mandy, 32

"I am so pleased with the progress I’ve made with Kirsten’s coaching. As a senior and a type 2 diabetic I felt overwhelmed and restricted by what I couldn’t eat. Her common sense coaching got me to understand that there are more options available to me than I thought. She worked with me to get my cravings for late-night french fries under control, which has helped keep my blood sugar levels more stable. I also have more energy after working with her on improving my sleep. I feel wonderful!"

- Anne, 79

"When I found myself unmotivated to get out and go for a run, Kirsten asked me what my goal was. It really got me thinking since I’d been running for years, but only to exercise. I decided to run a 10 kilometre race and finish it in under an hour. Check and check. What a great goal to work towards. It gave me the motivation and focus I needed. From now on, I’m always going to think about what I want my goal to be."

- Lindsay, 32