Although technology has come a long way, translation still needs a human touch. You can always tell the difference between a translation that’s been done by a computer program and one that’s been done by a real person. If you want your translations to sound professional, you need an independent-minded translator like myself who knows that word-for-word translations rarely work. Instead, I make sure to communicate the ideas and in the desired tone and style. The result? Your text will read just as well in English as it does in the source language.



In many language classes all students do is memorize lists of words. That’s not the way to learn a language. You have to know how a language works. I’ve been teaching French, Spanish and Italian to people of all ages for many years now, and I find that the better they understand how it works, the better they can put together sentences and express themselves. I offer instruction in French, Spanish and Italian to individuals and groups of any size who want to learn for many reasons including travel, business relations or pure love of the language.